Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In The Helicopter Bay 1-27-2010: Horror Blogger Awards and Zelda Rubenstein

Just a few morsels for today while the chopper undergoes some routine maintenance:

* Over on the sidebar, I've added a list of the movies that I've reviewed for easier access. Just constantly trying to make this blog more interesting, more organized, and revenant-creating-disease-free.

* is holding its Horror Blogger Awards, for which this humble blog has been nominated. Hop on over there and cast a vote for this place, but honestly, if you enjoy another blog more, vote for them. There are some really amazing blogs also being nominated, and you can also find many of them over to the right in my blogroll section. Visit them all anyway - they're good people.

* It's my sad duty to share the news that a horror staple has passed away. Zelda Rubenstein, who is most known for her role as the psychic Tangina in 1982's Poltergeist, passed away at the age of 76 of natural causes. Who can forget this woman with a small stature but with a commanding and gentle voice? I get chills when I hear her give orders or reassure the family with confidence in Poltergeist with the line, "Now let's go get your daughter." She was pure power in that role. Check out her impressive resume here - she was in Sixteen Candles!

* Feeling chatty? Also on the right, I've added my screen names for AIM and MSN. If I decide to add any more places to chat - and I'm sure I will - I'll post 'em.

Take care of yourself, fellow survivors, and remember that when engaging hand-to-hand with zombies, fire isn't always your friend.

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