Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feeling The Horror Blogosphere Love

When I started this thing back in March of 2009, I thought I'd write a few thoughts about a genre that I love and that has affected me my entire life. Something about a movie here, a comic there. I had no idea that my blog would start to get some notice - even though I hoped it would. I really had no idea I'd be given awards from my peers. And I really had no idea I would make the friends I have in the past months.

I jumped onto the 'net today in a "eh" kind of mood to find two awards waiting for me, and from more than two fellow bloggers. It was like they pointed both fingers at me with a devil-may-care grin, winked, and said, "you rock." And no one's ever done that to me before!

First, I received one called The One Lovely Blog Award from my good friend Chuck Conry, the owner of the fantastic horror blog Zombies DON'T Run. I'll be heaping more praise on Chuck later in this entry, but for this I thank him. I absolutely appreciate it, Chuck! Part of receiving the award says I can give it to 15 other bloggers. I read a lot of great blogs, so it's not easy to pare it down to 15, but here's my list:

Buy Zombie
Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Day Of The Woman
Gravestomper's Blog
Horror Crypt
Musings Across A Continuum
The Horror Digest
The Paradise of Horror
The Vault Of Horror
Zombies DON'T Run
Scare Sarah
The Sexy Armpit
Jim Hall's Random Musings

Now, not all of those are horror. For example, the last one is one from a dear friend who I've long considered an older brother (since I'm the oldest sibling in mine). They are all blogs I enjoy reading, though, and you just might as well.

Now, the second one I received is the Kreativ Blogger Award, given to me by three very fine people: the aforementioned awesome Mr. Conry, the great Matt-suzaka of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, and the wonderful Andre Dumas of The Horror Digest. This award comes with a nice little meme to fill out, so let's get that underway:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

1. To Chuck, Matt, and Andre: thank you SO much for recognizing The WGON Helicopter in your blogs. It really is an honor that you - more experienced bloggers whose own blogs I love - have brought me into the horror blogging family so kindly.

2. Already over there, to the right ----->

3. Scroll back up a bit and you'll find the links to all three of these folks, or scroll down 'cause the links'll be there, too.

4. Seven things you might find interesting about me? Hmmm.....:

--I was an exchange student to Sweden in high school. My Swedish is very rusty, though, as it was a looooong time ago.

--I worked at Disney World for three years as an attractions host. Pay was not great, but the social experience (read: parties, dating, etc.) were tremendous.

--In a stretch between 2002 and 2007 (then once in 2009), I was a commentator for independent professional wrestling in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Windsor, Ontario. I worked mainly with Scott D'Amore's Border City Wrestling, and got to call some amazing matches. Also got to do sit-down interviews with Bret Hart and Bobby Heenan, among others. So, yes, I am a professional wrestling fan.

--I could name all the United States when I was a year and a half old, and could recognize them by shape.

--My first published writing was at the age of 14 when I reported for a little paper called "Michigan Skiier," and it was about the Winter Special Olympics. My English teacher was the publisher.

--From 8 to 16, I trained in tae kwon do, achieving the rank of black stripe. One of many things I never finished :(

--I love baseball. LOVE it. I'm a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan, and have been for most of my life. Yes, I was heartbroken when they lost the World Series last year.

--I collect comics, and it's been my sincere dream for years to write one.

5. & 6. Here are my nominations:

* Kindertrauma - Really, this site is awesome. They have tapped into my - and many others' - childhood psyche and bring what lurks there to light. Every time I go there, I spend more time than I should browsing all the great memories I share with so many other folks who love to be a little scared by what they saw as kids.

* Chuck Norris Ate My Baby - Matt-suzaka owns this blog, which may have the coolest name of any blog. With a title like that, it's got to be good...and it is. Matt's got great, intelligent insight into the genre and writes with a hilarious sense of humor. Plus, he always writes such great comments on my blog.

* Horror Crypt - Bloofer Lady is a blast to read. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and I have the utmost respect for her. She's always incredibly nice, is very funny, and owns her style of writing. You need to check out her blog immediately!

* Screamstress - Alison writes and reports on areas of horror from television to movies to art and everything in between and beyond. Like many of the people I respect out there, she's filled with intelligence and love of the genre. Plus, she always has a kind word when I'm feeling stressed out.

* The Horror Digest - Andre is easily one of my favorite people, not to mention favorite blogs. She's an absolute blast to talk with about everything from horror films to underwater things that scare us. When I searched for a fresh subgenre to obsess over, she introduced me to French extreme. She hasn't steered me wrong yet. Her blog is fresh and funny, and has the wonderful Way To Go Moments. Trust me: Read. Her. Blog.

* The Vault of Horror - B-Sol owns the end-all, be-all of horror blogs: informative, creative, funny, and at the forefront of the horror blogosphere in many ways. It was one of the first I started reading when I immersed myself in this world, and I've never been sorry. Plus, he's involved in professional wrestling, so that's a plus!

* Zombies DON'T Run - Chuck Conry is my brother from another mother. He and I could probably chat all night about a great many things, not the least of which is horror. His blog is hilarious, smart, and informative - always a smashing read. Chuck is also my wrestling tag-team partner (if we had actually been trained) in The Murder Victims. We always lose.

And there you go. All those people and blogs I mentioned above are ones you should be checking out if you're not already. I don't want to discount any of the others on my sidebar's list. Really. Check them all out. I wouldn't list them there if I didn't think they were worth it.

I really appreciate the consideration from everyone who mentioned me, and the support I've received from my friends here who have offered everything from movie recommendations to a kind word to simply joking around. You've made this experience unforgettable.


  1. Awww hahah underwater things that scare us YES! Thanks : )

  2. And jeesh! I just noticed your horror blips rating went from like 180 to 27!!! Thrilling!

  3. I know! How did that happen? It's like people are reading this...I'd better step up production!

    And thank you again :)

  4. Well I couldn't ask for a better tag team partner my friend! Thanks a lot for the props and it's about time everyone finds out about your blog as well!

    Only a matter of time now before we become the best jobber team in history!

  5. Thank you for the kind I said in my post, I would steer anyone towards a blog that wasn't great!

    And being a Red Sox fan, I hated seeing the Phillies lose too.

  6. Aw thanks Dod. You're a sweety ;)

  7. Thanks, you made our day Dod!
    Kindertrauma Castle lies in the heart of South Philadelphia so thanks for mentioning the phillies too!- Unk

  8. You're welcome, and thank you to all of you!

    Chuck - We'll be taking over from The Mulkey Brothers for that tag-team honor.

    Matt - The BoSox look incredible with all those signings. Our teams may meet this year!

    Sarah - Why, thank you, and thanks for writing such a great blog yourself!

    Unk - The Phillies are my boys since I was little, but I've never been to Philly. Dad was head lifeguard at community pool in Ohio owned by Mike Schmidt's parents - I was surrounded by Phillies stuff!