Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr. Horror Blogosphere: It's A Fun Thing!

Just a quick note today:

The Mr. Horror Blogosphere pageant is in full swing. Pageant? Wait, I don't think I will excel in the swimsuit competition. Maybe I should go with "contest." But I digress...Yes, it is in full swing over at Zombies DON'T Run, so head on over there and vote for me, or vote for any one of the other great bloggers that are also in the running. There are good fellows listed there, and they write some tremendous blogs. It's all to have fun and get to know some of the individuals behind the words. And there's a pretty damn nice prize to aim for as well!

If you voted for me (three have at this writing - that's three more than I expected!), I appreciate it very much. Drop me a line and let me know who you are so I can personally thank you!

Coming up on the WGON Helicopter are more reviews, as I finally finish my review of House Of The Devil and take a look at one of the most polarizing horror films of the last few years, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Other movies I have on deck are Ink and Dead Snow.

And remember, even if you don't vote for me, I'll still fly the chopper over to pull you out of an infection zone.

HorrorBlips: vote it up!

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