Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cinematic Alphabetic Fun: My Movie ABC's

It's a given that when there's a list meme going around the horror blogosphere, I'm going to want to join in like a healthy game of dodgeball.  This particular list meme comes from the fine blog (and list fan) Rupert Pupkin Speaks and is pretty simple: provide a list of movies alphabetically by first letter. That's it. The rules are wonderfully clear in that there is no set way it should be done. Just do it.
So here we go. Movies that I enjoy, most of which are in my collection, and ones that span genres (although some of the horror ones are pretty obvious). Let's get started, shall we?

 A is for A Mighty Wind

B is for Big Trouble In Little China

C is for Cannibal: The Musical
D is for Dawn of the Dead
 E is for The Eye (the original)
 F is for The Fifth Element
 G is for Gladiator
 H is for Hot Fuzz
 I is for I Sell The Dead
J is for Justice League: The New Frontier
K is for Kung Fu Hustle
 L is for Lake Mungo
M is for Manhunter
N is for Napoleon Dynamite
 O is for Orgazmo
P is for Prince of Darkness
Q is for Q: The Winged Serpent
R is for [REC]
S is for Shaun of the Dead
T is for This Is Spinal Tap
U is for Unbreakable

V is for Versus

W is for The Wicker Man (definitely the original)

X is for X-Men

Y is for Yojimbo

Z is for Zombieland

There you go.  I went with movie posters because, well, I love movie posters.  Plus these are films I would urge anyone to see, so they're also what they're intended to be:  advertisements.  Go get a hold of these movies.  I have (or in some cases, intend to have) many of these fine flicks in my own collection.

Until next time, list lovers...


  1. Great list...nice pic with Orgazmo! That poster for Manhunter is great...never saw that version.

  2. Love it. And hey, we both picked Lake Mungo - that says something, right? :)

  3. @B. STANK - I have to fish out Orgazmo to watch again. Such a hilarious movie! Manhunter is amazingly good stuff from Michael Mann.

    @Christine - Lake chilling! We have good taste, I think :)