Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Years of The WGON Helicopter: Now I Want Cake

Seems like just yesterday I was typing up the one-year birthday blog for this ol' thing. Time absolutely flies.

Just about two years ago, I first took the WGON Helicopter up into the sky. I always intended for it to be a fun outlet for me to talk about things horror: movies, comics, personal fears, books, games, pretty much anything I felt like writing about in that field. Looking ahead, I want to continue to write about those aspects of horror in an intelligent, hopefully funny way that leaves the reader more informed or entertained than when he or she came into each article. I'd like to make some improvements to the overall look and layout of the blog, and there will be some changes - little things, mostly - that only enhance the experience.

I'm having fun with The WGON Helicopter. I hope you are, too, dear readers. Thanks for your readership, and thank you to all those peers who have supported me, given me advice, or simply have been mighty friendly for the past two years. Readers, take some time to explore some of the other blogs I've listed over on the sidebar. There are some great reads there, written by some really good people. I'll be adding even more in the coming days.

Thanks again, and keep watching the skies, fellow survivors!


  1. Congrats Dod, I look forward to seeing the further evolution of The WGON Helicopter!

  2. Thanks, man! I do need to get around to organizing my sidebars better...