Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lazy Bones

Yeah, that's me...

Or, it could be that the lurching wall of the undead has been keeping me too busy to sit down, let alone take the old helicopter out for a spin.

I was working on a blog about Avatar Press' Crossed, but I'll hold that off until the end of the week since the latest issue is due to come out this Thursday. Rest assured, it will be a disturbing issue - but a great story.

I managed to catch Death Note and Death Note II: The Last Name this past week. I'm not sure I'd call it horror, as some have. It's more of a fantasy/mystery to me. But I gotta tell you, it was a clever pair of flicks. In short, if you haven't seen them, it's two Japanese live-action films based on a manga about a young law student who comes across a mysterious notebook. I won't go into all the detail about the notebook's rules, but if a name is written in it (along with picturing the person's face), that person dies in about 40 seconds. The young man, Light, becomes a vigilante and is soon corrupted by the power. An enigmatic genius detective nicknamed L is brought on to bring him to justice and what follows is a cat-and-mouse chess game that just drips with creativity and intelligence. I know this is more of a horror blog, but check out this set of movies if you get a chance, especially if you enjoy Eastern storytelling.

I'll get back on track later this week, and I've got some more horror-themed films coming from Netflix, so get set for some more reviews!

Oh, and I'm on this Twitter all the survivors are talking about: @zenmasterdod

Stay away from downtown - they're getting thick and hungry down there...

Your WGON helicopter pilot

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