Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Product Review: T-Shirt Bordello

As I've said before, I love t-shirts. I have a discerning eye for them, and they have to represent something about me. A movie or TV show I enjoy, a college I attended (of which there are three), comics I enjoy, wrestling promotions with which I used to help...and they have to be unique. I hate to sound "hipster" but if the design is "what all the kids are wearing nowadays," then I'm likely to pass it up. But that's me.

The awesome folks at T-Shirt Bordello recently sent me packages full of joy, including a few bonuses on top of the outstanding-quality t-shirts. The shirts themselves are as comfortable as I expected, and I chose two designs that indeed represented me. One, I'm sure you'd have no trouble guessing why I got it - yes, I extended my WGON t-shirt collection with a black one that has the familiar logo with the words "news, weather, traffic" below it. The other is a Zombieland reference, a black shirt with Rule #32 explained across the front.

Now, T-Shirt Bordello doesn't just deal in shirts. You can order mugs, ashtrays, hats, pint glasses, and keychains, as well as zombie-specific police tape. They gave me a little sample of the tape as well as a zombie "emergency" poster and some handy zombie targets to test the apocalypse survivor's aiming skills.

The targets.

The sweet poster.

The police tape.

Good stuff over there at T-Shirt Bordello. Some nice shirts I'm sure to pick up in the future, as well as a swank Winchester Tavern pint glass for when I eventually build my bar in the den I'll eventually have.

Check 'em out!

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