Friday, January 21, 2011

I Love T-Shirts: A Product Review

I love t-shirts. I really do. They're comfortable and if they're of the graphic variety - like 99% of mine are - they're an expression of tastes, advertisements for your interests for everyone to see. I've got all kinds: one for each college I went to, several Philadelphia Phillies selections, a couple with Jack Kirby comic book art. Many describe my personal experiences, such as staff shirts from comic book conventions I worked to many from the wrestling promotions I whose shows I either attended or helped in some way.

The kind folks at Crazy Dog T-Shirts and Nacho Mama Tees passed along a couple shirts from their catalog, and they're very welcome additions to the t-shirt family. From Crazy Dog T-shirts, I received a white shirt with not only the WGON logo from Dawn of the Dead emblazoned on it, but a spelled-out warning "do not remain in your home..." with a list of the shelters that you glimpse at the beginning of the 1978 film. I like that attention to detail. Looks great. From Nacho Mama Tees, there came an olive green shirt with the logo of the pub from Shaun of the Dead, The Winchester Tavern.

Hey, the shirts are comfortable, I got them very quickly, and I have a feeling that if there was a problem, it would be resolved quickly and professionally. I plan on ordering from them again. Check out their sites, and browse around - lots of good choices. Here's a little bit more about each site, direct from the source:

About Crazy Dog T-shirts

"Crazy Dog T-shirts ( is the number one source online for funny t-shirts and vintage shirts that help you stand out and get noticed. Founded in 2004, the t-shirt empire offers custom shirts in Rochester, NY. They provide customers with a variety of cool t-shirts and crazy shirts featuring both creative original concepts and popular licensed designs. Looking for a funny t-shirt? They have hundreds of funny shirts which you won't want to miss!"


"Nacho Mama Tees ( has some of the best offensive t-shirts around. Founded in 2004, the t-shirt giant offers funny shirts which include Chuck Norris shirts, The Hangover t-shirts, and zombie t-shirts. They provide a variety of funny t-shirts and crazy shirts. With new men's vintage tees and great movie t-shirts, you are sure to find one you will fall in love with!"


  1. Harvey Cunningham III, esq.January 21, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    But do they have one that says "I heart boobies?"

  2. Haha!

    That I don't recall, but you'll have to check and see for yourself.