Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tidbits For 3-24-09

From up here in the WGON traffic chopper, looks like a bottleneck of flesh-starved ghouls on Exit 126, so watch yourselves as you're escaping town. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits to gnaw on:

* Going to be off the grid for a few days since I'll be moving from one fortified shelter to another. Once I get all settled in, I'll have the bird up and hovering. Where I couldn't get Netflix at my current residence due to both the unfortunate dimensions of our mailboxes and neighbors we couldn't trust, it will be available at the new place. It has a real mailbox and good people. Expect my movie entries to increase.

* Tomorrow, the latest issue of Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows' insane apocalyptic comic Crossed comes out from the great Avatar Press. Inspired by a "zombie dream," according to Ennis, it is one of the most horrifying and bleak twists on the genre by one of the best comic book writers in the business, and an artist that delivers with every single panel. If you have a strong stomach and can take seriously over-the-top scenes of violence and human darkness, pick up a copy.

* Saya In Underworld is an informative and creative look at the different forms of Japanese horror. In one of the most recent entries, she presents some videos for Tarako Kewpie Pasta Sauce that may well cause you to go mad. Check them out, and check out the rest of the blog. It's good stuff.

* You knew it had to happen. A horror film centered around paintball: Paintball. Oh, yeah - I'm thinking sleeper hit here, fellow survivors.

* The great Vault of Horror blog has a wonderful comprehensive look at early Godzilla films as "I've Got Kaiju Under My Skin: A Guide To Showa-Era Godzilla."

Time to get back to the shelter and try to make the move while the living dead legions are distracted. Tune in again soon!

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